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Santa Monica, California, United States

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TITLE: Lead CG FX TD Artist

DUTIES: Use advanced computer graphic design skills to create high-quality work product; use computer graphics, VFX, & tech. dir. to lead & oversee design, AD, VFX & design teams for Commercials, Main Titles, Film seqs, & all production content; Supervise a team of up to 10-20 FX per project; Develop tool sets & leverage emerging technology to improve efficiency of FX dept, incl. scripting, pipeline, workflows & software.

MIN. Edu. & Exp: BFA degree or equiv. in related field, or the foreign academic equivalent, + 5 yrs prog. exp. in same job force or related.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 3 yrs exp. in Lead Artist role; 3 yrs exp. in CG FX Artist role; 5 yrs exp. in FX in a prod. environment w/ Maya; Exp. w/ Linux OS, Extensive knowledge of A/D Maya & related plugins (Niad, Fracture FX, Pull Down It, Maya Fluids); Extensive knowledge of A/D 3DS Max & related plugins (After Works Fume, Thinkbox Krakatoa, Cebas Thinking Particles, Chaos Group Phoenix); Extensive knowledge of all of the following: Next Limit Real Flow, Side Effects Houdini, Shave & a Haircut, V-Ray, Mantra, RenderMan, & Nuke; Work. knowledge of MASSIVE, Headus UV Layout, & Randering; thorough understanding of Computer Graphics Principles; Experience in MEL scripting & devel. tools; Excellent T/S & problem-solving skills; Demonstrated ability to work in team environment; Self-guided triage & follow-through skills to best respond to assigned duties; & Excellent verbal & written comm. skills.


OTHER:          Employer: a52, LLC

                        Job Location: 2308 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Full-time, 50 hours/week


CONTACT: Please mail resumes to: a52, LLC, Attn: Annie Zarcoff, 2308 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404.


This posting was last updated on Aug. 30, 2017
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