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Digital Delivery/Tape Op/Machine Room Tech & Coordinator
Digital Delivery/Tape Op/Machine Room Tech & Coordinator
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Santa Monica, California, United States

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Machine Room and Archiving Coordinator


The Machine Room and Archiving Coordinator will ensure that all evening and after hours deliveries are handled properly as well as maintaining and executing archiving and restore operations. This position will require extensive coordination with production to ensure that all technical specifications and quality controls have been met.



Key Responsibilities

  • Assist with machine room operations including Digital I/O, encoding, routing and VTR operations.
  • Monitor daily delivery requests and coordinate with production schedule delivery times.
  • Organize incoming and outgoing media files within the department.
  • Prepare media files for encoding and compression, adhering to delivery specifications.
  • Quality check all files for correct video and audio levels to ensure delivery acceptance.
  • Prepare content for delivery via Aspera services. Create Aspera workgroups and upload media for delivery. Manage Aspera users within the company as well as external users.
  • Coordinate with client specified delivery services to ensure seamless delivery of project files.
  • Prepare media files for posting to in-house PR and marketing services: Interdubs, Wiredrive. Vimeo.
  • Maintain archival system, including changing out of LTO media.
  • Maintain daily backups of critical servers and storage arrays.
  • Coordinate with production to ensure timely archival of closed projects.
  • Verify consistency of archives.
  • Provide support to editorial for transcoding and media management.





  • At least three years prior experience in a technical post production environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of digital video standards, Codecs, Frame Rates, Wrappers and LUTs.
  • Advanced knowledge of non-linear editing platforms, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
  • Advanced knowledge of encoding workflows and software.
  • Previous experience with digital delivery systems, Aspera, Faspex, Digi Delivery and FTP based file transfer systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of VTR’s; HDCAMSR, Digital Betacam.
  • Experience with archiving systems and processes at a visual effects or post production studio.
  • Familiar with Autodesk Flame systems, specifically archival features.
  • Strong Mac OS X, MS Windows  and Unix / Linux knowledge.
  • Strong experience in a shell environment.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.






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